What Exactly Is Liquid Nutrition?

Why is it any better then a solid pill vitamin? Doesn’t liquid nutrition taste bad and cost more?

The first and foremost important reason to consume a liquid form of nutrition is immediate absorption into the blood stream. Secondly, the benefits are much higher than most solid forms of nutritional supplementations.

Liquid nutrition first enters your body sublingually. Sublingual means below the tongue, and below your tongue are capillary endings. Have you every heard anyone say, "if you feel like your having a heart attack, place the aspirin under your tongue." This is because the capillary endings are tiny blood vessels directly linked to the veins which flow blood to your heart. Therefore, placing the aspirin under the tongue, helps the victim stop the heart attack from occurring.

How does this relate to solid vs. liquid nutrition? If you swallow a pill (solid nutrition) it goes straight down your throat and into your intestines. You wouldn't swallow your food whole, why would you swallow your pills whole? The digestion process begins when you chew your food with the acidity helping break down your food way before it even reaches your stomach. With a solid vitamin there is no way of guaranteeing it will break down before it even leaves your body.

The Proof

This picture is from the medical book “Essentials of Skeletal Radiology,” by Terry R. Yochum and Lindsay J. Rowe. See More.

The Survey

A survey was given out with general question regaurding Liquid Nutrition. Click the Image on the right to view the results.

The Experiment

An Experiment was conducted as further proof solid pills may not dissolve at all in the body. Liquid nutrition is quicker and more efficient. View Experiment.